Hand Burned Festival & Rancher Hats


I LOVE creating designs for these beautiful hats. No matter what the occasion, a great hat can make a difference. It can take the ordinary jeans and a T-shirt to stunning new heights (literally)! Hats can be purchased via my shop or in person, but keep in mind they do sell very quickly. Scroll down to see a ton of past designs!

The Process:

1. When the hats arrive to me, they get a fresh steam and are reshaped to take out any crunches that happened in shipping.

2. The designs are created in Photoshop from a combination of hand-draw images and carefully curated graphics.

3. The designs are then transferred to the hats.

4. Each design is carefully burned with a high-temp pyrography tool.

5. The band is attached and it’s given a final inspection for any blemishes or missed marks.

6. It’s ready for its new home! (Get your own HERE!)

How to Wear Your Hat

Each hat comes with a removeable elastic strap inside the band, and it can be little confusing the first time you try to use it!
But fear not! Just watch this quick video to learn how to keep your hat on your head where it belongs and not blowing away down the street!